Evidential Spiritual Medium - Company Message
Hello, my name is Cinnamon Mancini, and I would like to personally extend greetings of peace and love to you! 
This website was created so that you may have a place to gather information as you move along your quest for deeper meaning, and higher spiritual understanding.  
The work of this medium is one of service: 
Service to those in Spirit.
Service to her fellow man. 
I whole-heartedly thank you for your interest in the work we are doing, and invite you to browse our site, read through the frequently asked questions, and contact us if there is anyway we may be of service.   Many abundant blessings to you!  :)
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. (Q) How long after a loved one has passed must I wait to schedule a sitting? 
(A) There is no set time frame for which a medium can "open up" to access your loved ones in the World of spirit.  I have sat for people whose loves ones passed only a day or few hours prior to the sitting. For some the knowingness that their loved one is safe and happy in spirit can help with the grieving process.
2. (Q) What is a Medium? 
(A) A medium is someone who elevates his/her energy to communicate messages from your loved ones in the Spirit World.
Mediumship happens when the medium at an elevated state matches up with your loved one who, for the purpose of communication, lowers his/her energy from an ultra elevated state.  The two energies meet in the middle, a link is created, and mediumship is achieved.
The medium may get images thru thought forms, words, smells, or a knowingness of what the person in Spirit is communicating.  
When a medium is working mediumisticly they are relaying information given to them from a loved one in spirit.  
3. (Q) What does it mean to be a Psychic Medium? 
(A)  A Psychic Medium is a combination of two terms describing what form of work the healer will be doing, or is able to do.  When a person is working psychicly they are able to move into a clients energy field, and interpret what it feels like to be that person: past, present, and future.  Traditionally, psychic's are known to do 'readings' because that is in effect what they are doing, they are reading the clients aura, chakra's, cell memory, etc.  This method of service can be useful to a client who needs help with life direction, potentials and possibilities for future events, and/or clarification, and understanding of life patterns.
A medium is different in that he/she is in direct communication with your loved one who is in the World of Spirit.
Traditionally, medium's have 'sittings' as opposed to psychic's who conduct 'readings'. 
4. (Q)  Is there anything I can do to prepare for a session? 
(A) Yes, after scheduling your appointment; mentally, or verbally send an invitation into the world of Spirit letting your loved ones know of your intention to hear from him/her on the scheduled date, and time.
Please know that spirits and Spirits do not mix.  Anyone attending their scheduled session under the influence of alcohol, or drugs will be asked to reschedule.
An open, active, curious, and adventurous mind yields the best possible outcome!
5. (Q)  Can you tell me what I can expect from my session? 
A) Depending on the length of your appointment, you will begin with a guided visualization that will help to open, and relax your mind, and body.  The next phase is generally what is referred to as the 'purging' phase.  During this phase Cinnamon connects with your loved ones in Spirit and delivers just what she is receiving.  Because Cinnamon is communicating with your loved ones who are aware of what is going on in your life many of your concerns will be addressed by Spirit during this time. If you have questions pertaining to what is being delivered it is preferable to ask at the time the information is being given. The last section of your appointment will be devoted to any questions that have not been previously addressed by Spirit.
6.  (Q) How come people I don't remember, or haven't known in a long time come into my session? 
(A) The short and complete answer is that once bonds of love are built they are never destroyed.  This holds true for everyone from Terry your first spouse, to Great Grandma, to Spotty the family German Shepard you grew up with 50 years ago.  Love is the only everlasting Truth.  With this in mind it would make sense that all loved ones would come in to say, "Hello".  However, I have found that if Uncle Albert was an entrepreneur and a very good one at that, and you are at a point in your life where you are wanting to start a business, it would make sense that Uncle Albert would "pop" in to say, "hello", and to give some good direction on your new adventure.
7. (Q)  My friend went to see a medium and her step father who physically abused her for years came into the sitting giving the medium messages.  What if a spirit person comes into my sitting and I don't want to talk to that person? 
(A) The short answer is that this is your sitting, and you choose whether you want to connect with certain Spirits, or not.  However, it has been the experience of this medium that this type of Spirit person would come into a reading to offer regret and/or apologies that may provide healing for the person attending the sitting.
8. (Q) How do I contact Cinnamon for a sitting, or public event? 
(A) The best way to reach Cinnamon is by going to the 'Contact Us' page to leave your contact information, and someone will get back to you shortly.  Thank you for your interest in the work we are doing.

9. (Q) Is Cinnamon her real name, or is it a pseudo name?
(A) Yes, Cinnamon is her name at birth. She was born in the 60's when a popular song on the radio was sung by Neil Young, "Cinnamon Girl".