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Four Month Inclusive Workshop
Cinnamon Mancini

Hello, Friends!
I am excited to be facilitating a four month long workshop on Mediumship. The class begins in September and runs through to January of 2017. 

During this time we will meet on three separate weekends. 
Sept. 24th & 25th; Nov. 12th & 13th; Jan.14th & 15th 
(Saturday's 10-5/ Sunday's 10-4)

Our class time will be divided between lecture on the Spirit World, and practical application of a connection to our loved ones in Spirit.

The first and second weekend's students will be given a guided meditation CD to take home that is meant to assist the student with a connection to their loved ones while at home. 

There will be at home activities to be completed in-between weekend classes, and we will have three Conference Calls dated Thursday, October 13th; Thursday, December 8th; and Thursday, January 5th


Who Is This Class Intended For?
This workshop is intended, for the beginning student (basically, anyone) who wishes to connect with a loved one in the Spirit world, and, would like to be able to identify signs from their loved ones on a daily manner, with the intent of using these building blocks to towards developing a meaningful relationship with your loved ones in spirit. 

This class is, also, intended for anyone who would like to know, understand, and/or develop a relationship with his/her guides

I thought communicating with the so-called dead was a gift, and not something that could be learned.
Our loved ones who have passed into the world of Spirit are without the physical body, therefore, communication with your loved ones who no longer have the facilities of a physical body, will be different. It will be the intention of Cinnamon to help you to learn how to recognize how your loved ones communicate with you.

Please remember, we are spirit beings having a human experience. Our loved ones are spirit beings who no longer have the physical facilities of a human body. So, what we can learn to do, and what this class will teach you, is how to connect with your loved ones by noticing the way they use YOUR physical body, and the physical world around you to communicate with you.
It is my intention as the facilitator of this class to teach you HOW the Spirit world communicates with you so that you know what to look for as specific signs from your loved ones so that you may cultivate a level of communication with your loved one that is both meaningful, and long term. 


Class Syllabus:

Weekend #1 Beginning Your Spiritual Journey
September 24th & 25th
Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday 10am - 4pm

Wyndham Virginia Beach - Oceanfront
5700 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, Va 23451

Mariner Room A

We will explore what psychism is, and what it means to be psychic; and how wether we are aware of it or not we are all psychic. We will look at the various ways in which our 6th sense aids us in our daily lives and how utilizing this gift can support one's spiritual journey as well as one's personal journey.

We will explore the different ways in which we obtain information in our environment through our five physical senses, and compare and contrast that with the information derived at from our sixth sense.

We will explore different tools and work independently with psychometry, ribbons, games and cards.

We will introduce meditation; what it is; how to do it; and why it is so valuable.

We will have lecture and practical application on how to disconnect from the personal mind

We will discuss the 2000 plus year old Hindu Chakra system and how this ancient system can aid us in our personal and spiritual journey.

We will discuss Guides; what their role is; and how a connection with them can benefit our personal and spiritual journey.

Students will take home guided meditation CD and homework packet.


Thursday October 13th at 7pm; One hour Conference Call


Weekend #2 Keeping it Going
November 12th & 13th
Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday 10am - 4pm

Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center
2800 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Lynhaven Room

For Guest Rooms call (800) 468-2722
Over Night Guest Rooms Booked Under "Mediumship Intensive" are $99

This weekend we will identify the 5 different clair's, and we will explore and experience how spirit uses these clairs to communicate with us.

We will look at how spirit validates him or herself through past memories, current experiences, and in some cases futuristic events as a way of validating their love and connection to their loved ones in the living.

We will discuss the philosophical ramifications of a connection with our loved ones who are currently in a place of infinite intelligence. 

We will further focus our intentions to develop our relationship with our loved one in this new dynamic.

Students will take home Guided meditation CD no 2 and homework packet

This weekend will have lots of practical application. 
Be sure to get your rest during the week prior to class, drink plenty of water, and write in your journal.


Thursday December 8th at 7pm; One hour Conference Call


Thursday January 5th at 7pm; One hour Conference Call


Weekend #3 A Lasting Union
January 14th & 15th
Saturday 10am - 4pm; Sunday 10am - 2pm

Wyndham Virginia Beach - Oceanfront
5700 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, Va 23451

We will spend the weekend putting into practice the concepts we've learned.

We will spend time communicating with Spirit; Validating Spirit's existence; and looking into what the future has with regards to our relationship with our loved ones in spirit


Two - Payment Option Plan 

September 24th and 25th Class
Early Bird Pricing if paid by Sept 16th cost is $325

November 12th & 13th Class
Early Bird Pricing if paid by Nov 4th the cost is $325


One Payment Option Plan
The cost if you's like to pay for the workshop in its entirety by Sept 16th

Early Bird Pricing: Classes paid in full by Sept 16th $600

+Please note there is a $10 fee attached to any PayPal transaction. To avoid this fee you may pay by cash or check.

Checks are made payable to Cinnamon Mancini