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Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Many times during mediumship sessions I have heard spirit say to their loved ones sitting across from me, "Your goal is to turn your negative (fill in the blank) into something positive." It seemed to me that Spirit was encouraging their loved one to reframe a tragedy by finding the good in the experience, or turning the experience into something positive. This is spirit's counsel on how to push back on life's tragedies with love thus filling the world with the magic of miracles. Well, here we go, this is my push back with the desire to leave love, and magic in my wake. Thank you for joining me on the ride.


I was set for a ten day cross country mediumship tour beginning in San Diego, California and ending in my home town of Virginia Beach.

Standing up at the conclusion of spirit's work at my hotel in San Diego, California, I felt the left side of my face drop. When I attempted to ask for help I became terrified in hearing garbled speech and gibberish come out of my mouth. My clients, Crystal, and her husband, Eric, called for emergency services, and I was rushed by ambulance to the nearest stroke receiving hospital.

In the emergency room it was discovered that my left carotid artery was nearly completely blocked limiting much needed oxygen from reaching the cells in my face and left side of my brain.

I was admitted to the hospital with neurological assessments to be performed every two hours.

Sometime around midnight my carotid became completely blocked, and when the final piece of clotted material completely blocked the artery the force of the last bit of fluid sent particles of debris onto the landscape of my brain.

When the nurse came to do her neurological assessment at the midnight hour I was floating on the ceiling.

From up high I followed my body as the bed it was laying on moved though the hospital at a runners pace. In what felt like, no time at all, it was confirmed by highly technological and advanced machines that debris had scattered across my brain. The countdown was on if life saving measures were going to be effective in bringing me back.


My daughter, Elizabeth who had flown into San Diego just hours earlier, to meet me for the tour was on the phone with her dad, making hard decisions on how to proceed and what the risks were. I saw all this from a birds eye view up in the corner of my room view.

Elizabeth whispered in my ear bringing me back into my body for a brief moment.

"Mom," she said, "the room is going to fill up with people. They are all here to help you. Please don't be afraid."

I wasn't afraid because she told me not to be afraid. She was right. The room instantly filled up with people wearing white coats and scrubs, and I floated back up to my corner in the ceiling and watched as modern medicine and the people dedicated to it saved my life.


Coming back from a stroke is one of the most difficult things I have done. My natural state of being is to run as fast as I can until I can't run any longer, and then I rest - rinse and repeat. After a stroke when you push the brain to work past its current capacity the discomfort that comes from sensory overload is excruciatingly difficult to endure.


I spent six weeks in speech therapy. This time was used to work on strengthening, and building new neural pathways in my brain. To do this we played games that were meant to challenge my cognition ..... and challenge my cognition, they did! What I liked best about the whole experience was that I could see my brain getting stronger and faster with each passing week. I became determined to push myself mentally as hard as I could with the desire to come back more mentally adept than I had ever been.

I was sad, and truthfully, a little depressed, when I was released from therapy. In this space I had emotional support, and someone pushing me to challenge myself, mentally. Now, I was on my own. It was up to me to take the initiative to push myself, and to continue creating new neuro pathways.

I had been thinking for many years that I wanted to properly learn Spanish. Maybe, now was the time for this? Then I thought it might be fun to learn the Chinese game, "GO". Either of those ideas would push my brain to build new neural pathways.

And, then, this bill came in the mail.......

I added up the "Billed Charges" and "Insurance Payments" ......... Could it be that the cost to keep me alive was sixty thousand dollars shy of one million dollars???

Who determined, and on what Universal level was it decided that one million dollars worth of resources were going to be spent on preserving my existence here? Wouldn't it have just been easier from an energetic standpoint to let me filter on? I think so. But, this was not the case, and so I think I need to send nearly one million dollars worth of energy back into the Universe. That just seems right and proper to me.

Spirit said, "Do this. Teach yourself the technology needed to start a Youtube channel. From this platform you can reach out from your home office to all who want to hear what we have to say through you, and all the while this new adventure will strengthening your brain."

I want to thank everyone, in advance, for being a part of my desire to push back on my tragedy with love. It is my intention to make a Youtube channel that it will be a resource for all who want to understand, and learn how communication with the spirit world happens.

(with a glass of lemonade in hand)

"Cheers, to pushing back with love, and its infinite miracles!"

In peace and with love,


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for sticking around to share your gifts, help lift us and give us hope! 💜 You and your story are inspirational and a blessing for all who seek and believe we are much more …. 😇

Wishing you and your whole family good health, prosperity, peace, love and happiness throughout all your travels! 🤗

With Love and Gratitude Always! 💐


Jan 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Cinnamon, I am so grateful you did not take the exit point and remained here with us. I am grateful as well for the amazing (but expensive!) medical care you received, and grateful that Eric and I were there and stayed with you when it happened. I am so happy that your daughter Elizabeth was landing in San Diego at that moment. It was truly a blessing that the timing came together. Your work here is not done, and I Iook forward very much to your future work and Youtube channel! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.



Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

God bless you! I am sending you Love and healing blessings💜🙏


Sep 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

WoW, just read your testimony/experience and am just so blessed you chose to stay here with us. A commitment to teach, educate and help so many of us who are looking to learn, experience, understand, heal, challenge and grow ourselve 💓 I can say I wouldn't want to do it without you!! Thank you Divine Universe


Becky Teasdale
Becky Teasdale
Sep 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Cinnamon, another stroke? I'm grateful that you chose to not take this exit point, and I'm glad that you are sharing through this blog. Your existence is a gift to so many of us whom you have helped through your connection to Spirit. Much love!

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