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What is an Exit Point?

In Mediumship World the term 'Exit Point' refers to the point in time when the physical body ceases to function, and as a result the soul is released back into the space from where it came from prior to our birth.

Exit Points are written into the contract that is created before the whole of the soul group comes into the human experience.

Some souls come in for one experience, and when that experience is completed they exit. Some souls attach themselves to other souls - meaning their purpose for the incarnation ties into another souls growth and learning, in addition to their own. Some souls move early into the spirit world to act as a kind of liason between the human and spirit world.


It is just after five thirty in the morning, and I am on Inspiration Bridge. Taking the warm salty air into my lungs, my arms and legs move in unison as I round the arch of the bridge.

I ask Spirit,

"Was that an exit point for me?" Referring to my past medical issue (See blog post making lemonade out of lemons)

"And, if, so why didn't i go home? What were the measures that kept me here? And, how was it determined that I continue on with this experience?"

You could have come home. This was an exit point for you.


So .... why didn't i come home?


Think of the human experience in relation to you being a student in school. All souls become human to learn, grow, and evolve.

Some students complete what they have come here to learn by the third grade.

Other students cease to learn and progress when their hormones activate - taking the leap from being a simple human to being a complex human being (activating hormones in adolescence)

Some students of life earn baccalaureate degrees and beyond. While some students grow and learn by learning only what they absolutely need.


Are you saying that some of us build into our life plan exit points that give us an opportunity to go home if we are exhausted of learning, growing potential.


Think of it like this ..... there is always something new in the human world to learn ..... no matter what stage of life you are in. However, when a human ceases to learn, grow, or evolve (for whatever reason), the body, mind and spirit of that person is said to be marking time of its existence.

Exit points refer to the soul experience. When our soul has exhausted the experiences of being human it settles in motion as its eternal self. At this time an exit point appears on the timeline for the soul encapsulated in the human body to be released


Why wasn't I released back into the Spirit World?


When writing your soul's contract you wanted to experience being equal parts soul and human ..... and as you went further down your timeline you became more soul than human.

It is a challenge to live under spiritual laws and principles in the human world.

You gave yourself the opportunity to be done with the human existence once you had mastered all the blocks of the ladder ending with evaluation of what it means to be spirit in human form, and its impact on society.

Your choice to remain in the human world and be a part of the "group" of souls who are bringing into realization that there is more to life than this one, and that as soul we can communicate with with other souls is the next step in spiritual advancement.

We reworked your system so that the form where all our souls meet (your right brain) gets the freshest of oxygen so that the fullest and deepest of truths can be passed into the human condition.

In your contract you gave yourself an exit point "to be determined" once you got into human form and onto this point on your timeline. YOU decided to continue on ..... in the same way one decides to sit for a thesis.

This is how it works for all living forms .... as humans we observe, take in, assimilate and progress. As soul we experience, we assimilate, and grow.

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