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Body Mind Spirit Expo October 14th & 15th in Virginia Beach; A Story of Progression

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Body Mind Spirit Expo Oct 14th & 15th in Virginia Beach

Since 2008 I have been traveling with the folks at the Body Mind Spirit Expo as they co create with their tribe a space for enlightenment, love and healing in various cities across the country.

This past weekend it was my absolute pleasure to be of service in my home town of Virginia Beach with the Expo.

I want to share a heartfelt, "Thank you!!" to everyone in our community who came out to support this event. The more we congregate in attendance with future events the brighter our light will shine attracting enlightened members from near and far to come share their gifts of the spirit with us!



........traveling back in time ..........

2006: Body Mind Spirit Expo in Virginia Beach

It had been a challenge transitioning from a life in Los Angeles to my new home in Virginia Beach. Even with Edgar Casey's place headquartered in Virginia Beach .... the city, at that time, didn't exude enlightenment. So, you can imagine my excitement when the DJ on the radio announced that the Body Mind Spirit Expo would be coming to the Virginia Beach Convention Center the following weekend. My heart filled up, and my soul danced at the thought of meeting fellow seekers, and kindred spirits.

Flashing my wristband I walked thru through the double doors, and into the show. Instantly, my heart sank. The silence was deafening. Where was everyone? Where was all the exciteable energy that only comes from lighthearted people gathering to share and seek? Slowly, I walked up and down each isle exploring all the fun trinkets displayed for sale. Each vendor met my eye searching for conversation. It was clear that disappointment, and boredom had settled in creating a thick and heavy energy. I think we all were wondering where our kindred spirits were

....... oh, how I missed my tribe back home.


Later that year as a Christmas present my husband signed me up for a week long mediumship retreat ..... located on a sunny and warm island in the Bahamas .... complete with a human teacher, and fellow classmates.

We were a spiritually courageous bunch coming onto the island from various cities and villages from all around the world. We spent the week succeeding, and failing, and succeeding and failing at a variety of exercises that were meant to expand the limits, and boundaries of our connection with the Spirit World.

My husband, listening diligently to my varied and colorful stories decided it was time for me to answer the call to service. He reached out to the Virginia Beach Classifieds to put an ad in the local newspaper. His intention was to let our new community know where to find me for sessions.

The morning of my travel home, my husband received a phone call phone call from a woman at the newspaper.

"Sir," her voice filled with irritation and contentment, "we do not publish this kind of thing in our newspaper. Your credit card has been refunded."


Fast forward seventeen years later.... to October of 2023

What a difference seventeen years makes!

In my joy, and love for my home town, I was fortunate enough to offer a workshop first thing Saturday morning. During this time we took over sixty class participants on a guided meditation into the world of spirit where they could privately connect with their loved ones in spirit for the purpose of obtaining guidance on how to turn a challenging experience in their life into a blessing.

We offered a second workshop on Sunday were we discussed, "All Things Spirit", and then allowed time, and space for students who were at a stumbling point in their development to ask questions directly related to their continued growth with spirit. We concluded the time spent with a demonstration of spirit communication where a very loving man came in to give love to his sweetheart.

In between workshops we sat with private clients one after the other.

An absolute one hundred and eighty degree turnabout, and .... "WOWZERS!!" ..... and, gratitude for God's loving will that is unending.

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