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"My Question for Dr. Jordan Peterson."

"Dr. Peterson, I have spent the better part of twenty years traveling nationally as a medium, and I am curious to know how you think we humans can keep our cutting edge over artificial intelligence in the future. Will it be our sentience that gives us our ruling authority over AI?

(scroll to the bottom for his answer)


What an incredible evening!!

I have been a super fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson's work for several years. I first got introduced to him via his Harvard lectures that he uploaded to YouTube.

It wasn't long before I could easily find him dolling out words of wisdom on popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Impact Theory, The School of Greatness, or of course the Ben Shapiro Show. His notoriety made it easy for me to introduce the male popluation of my practice to Dr Peterson's messages of support and love for the men in our society. It was clear to me this wisdom and committed desire to uplift a sector of our society that can at times seem harshly judged and simply forgotten would make all the difference for our culture.

Melinda Gates shared in her book "The Moment of Lift" that The Gates Foundation conducted a study that showed that men and women think differently, and that if you wanted to have a society, a culture, a company that could operate at it's fullest potential you would want to respect the perspective, and problem solving skills of each gender, and that this combination would lead to the best possible outcome for an innovative environment. This research led to Microsoft's support of young women studying and entering the STEM community.

In a world where we have a hyper awareness of the value of women, Dr. Peterson reminds us that each gender comes with his own set of skills, perception, and problem solving abilities, and that we must continue to love and support our male counterparts because a lopsided society does not allow for the collective's greatest potential.

I was truly an honor to meet Dr. Peterson. Upon meeting him, I shook his hand, leaned in, and said with the biggest smile I could muster up, "Thank you, Sir, for having the skin of a rhino, and the heart of a lamb."

This is a phrase we use in mediumship world that indicates the need to be tough enough on the outside to handle the human world, but sensitive enough on the inside to communicate with the spirit world.

Dr. Peterson smiled back, shaking my hand, and said, "Why, thank you," in the kindest, gentlest way.


"A rising tide lifts all boats." -JFK

Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for being the lighthouse in the storm of life.


Dr. Peterson's Answer (Paraphrased)

AI will bring many good things into our world, and it will bring some bad things. He referenced Elon [Musk] and spoke about his electric car, indicating that TESLA is NOT an electric car .... it is in fact A ROBOT. Further, he spoke about Optimus, a humanoid bodied robot that to date is programmed to pick up an egg with its own digits, move the egg across time and space, and put it down without breakage.

Presumably, these are concepts of AI that will be good.

When it comes to how do we combat the not so good aspects of AI he references the word WISDOM. He proclaims that we as individuals should "level up" so as to become as wise as we can become. This appears to be his medicine for the negative affects of AI in the future.

This answer seems to be in alignment with his greater message [albeit to men, but can be applicable to us all]

  1. Level UP - don't become complacent. Keep learning, growing and evolving

2. Gather Facts (as many as you can from all different perspectives) and then make THE BEST POSSIBLE DECISIONS based on your fact-finding-research

3. Veer away from Hedonistic Tendencies ; Alcohol/Drugs; Lie, Cheat, Steal, Serve the Self, etc.

What do you think of Dr. Peterson's vision for the future, and his directive as to how we all can have the best possible outcome?

I would love-love-love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you, for being a part of this important discussion :)

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